The Tent of Human Rights 2016

Exhibited at

  • 51% Rememberme, Memorial Community Church, London E13. 2017
  • Drive thru, Cavendish Car Park, London W1, 2016.

This piece is a Bell Tent Stencilled with the text of the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights.

The text begins at the apex of the tent and spirals down in the colours of a rainbow, beginning and ending with Blue.
Inside the tent is the Blanket of Human Rights, and several cushions, knitted with the text from the various Articles of the Document.

For the 51%RememberHer Exhibition at the Memorial Community Church in Plaistow, I have selected 11 cushions which reflect the subject of equal rights for women.

The initial inspiration for this work relating to the Declaration of Human Rights was the Arab Spring of 2011 when I discovered the Declaration for myself and was inspired and moved by the sentiments in the Document.

I firstly knitted the blanket and then continued to knit the cushions upon which are knitted the words from the Document.

I imagined that I could spread the word and literally create a viral thread to ask the women of the world to choose and knit words from the document.

I like the metaphoric quality of the words on the cushions so that they may buffer us from the slings and arrows of the injustices that befall women around the globe. However, perhaps that will only exist as a conceptual piece of work.

My project is evolving.