Vogue Paintings, Defacements

My new work starts off from the pages of a magazine, I reflect on the teasing nature of a glossy fashion magazine , often bought because of their allure, which seems to hold a promise but leaves me strangely unsatisfied.

The defacements are therefore an enactment of my frustration on to the very pages , by scribbling, doodling or embroidering and transforming the magazines photograph, creating in the process ,a personal sketch book .

The act of the scribble is a deliberate , rapid, spontaneous re-action to the image, in contrast to the studied, photoshopped constructed images from the world of fashion, I see the magazine pages as studies for paintings , building up a visual dialogue between the photographic and the drawn.

The resulting paintings are a hybrid, an act of copying in oil paint the marks of a felt tipped pen drawing and the photographic.

The metaphoric use of the scribbles on the pages create an iconoclastic expression of my position as a purveyor of these images.