Double D refers to the sizing of bras, but here I depict the male genitalia, in different mediums, it’s a familiarisation exercise.

Generally, it seems that patriarchal societies which strive to maintain sexual power over their subjects, restrict images and activities which threaten their position of authority. As a resulting factor the penis has become a phallus and so loaded with significance that in its diminutive reality it cannot compete with the phallic ideal.

It can be said that the most important area of control inflicted upon women by the masculine discourse is the complete prohibition of self-expression of female sexual pleasure. This is supposed to remain a realm of discourse produced by men for men  for the reason that feminine pleasure signifies the greatest threat to the status–quo.

“DoubleDs”, 2010 .A series of dildoeʼs , upon which I have written text. It’s a deliberate act of ownership , similar to the act of graffiti. The dildoes are complementary to the Bollock Braʼs.

“Press”, 1999 a floral kit tapestry reconfigured into an image of male genitalia. Then pressed between two sheets of thick glass. Referring to the pastime of flower pressing.

“Over the rainbow”, 1999 is a music box , made in collaboration with Mark Woods. Instead of the expected ballerina, there rotates a small phallus complete with wobbling , jewelled bollocks.