I first started to use knitting in 1991 as an object of complete opposites to the values inherent in Oil Painting. I wanted to use the medium of knitting to underline a traditional female task ,one perhaps performed by elderly women knitting squares for charities. The subject then was male genitalia culled from gay magazines . The beauty of the knitting machine’s technique of intasia could be used wherein each stitch equates to a pixel. These images developed into “The Imperial Size Blanket For The Developing Countries.” Here the images were taken from stills from the movie Dick, which displays the infinite variety of 1000 male genitalia.

From blankets to cushions and large round balls the knitting has since developed into ‘The Blanket For Human Rights’.

I came across the Document of the Declaration Of Human Rights of 1948 during the momentous events of the Arab Spring . The DECLARATION’s actual text is phrased in clear terms seemingly encompassing all human needs in a perfect world. I found the document to be very inclusive and optimistic . I wanted to fill a large space with cushions knitted with the words from the document , as a metaphor to offer comfort and to cushion the injustices of the world.