Nature Morte

Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life

Konsthallen Bohuslän Museum, Sweden
7 May – 28 August 2016
Opening: Saturday 7 May / 2 – 4pm

Nature Morte:
Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life

Nature Morte: Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life is a MOCA touring exhibition based on Michael Petry’s recent book for Thames & Hudson. It brings together historic still-life paintings and contemporary art works that seek to use the language of the past for modern concerns. The show seeks to illustrate how leading artists of the 21st century are reinvigorating the still life, a genre previously synonymous with the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Old Masters.

A core of contemporary pieces will travel to all the tour locations.  In each venue historic works borrowed from local museums will compliment those that form the spine of the exhibition. Additionally regional artists who are working with the theme will be included in each venue.

The show will exhibit works from the traditional topics of the still-life: flora, fauna, the domestic object, food and vanitas. The exhibition explores the timeless themes of life, death and the irrevocable passing of time in these new works for our modern world; artworks that invite us to pause and reconsider what it means to be human.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Hans Kindgren, museum director of the Bohuslän Museum.

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Guided tour by Roberto Ekholm
Saturday 23 July and Tuesday 26 July at 1pm
Regular guided tours through out the summer by the museum staff, see the museum’s website for dates and times

Konsthallen Bohusläns Museum
Museigatan 1, 451 19 Uddevalla
0046 (0)522 – 65 65 00
Opening times:
Monday 10-16
Tuesday – Thursday 10-20
Friday – Sunday 10-16
Trains from Gothenburg to Uddevalla central

Future venues for the exhibition:
Guildhall Art Gallery London
September 2017 – January 2018
Other venues to be confirmed soon.