I have taken as a starting point that reading, whether it be a text of  visual imagery is a learned activity, which like many other learned  interpretive strategies in our society is a sex–coded and gender– specific activity; the masculine experience and perspective is the  given norm and presented as the human one. Women are expected to, and learn to read as a man, they are expected to identify with  the positive masculine reading, but what is essentially a simple act  of identification for a male subject, becomes a tangle of contradictions when it is a female; she is required to identify against herself. To begin an unlearning process the woman must actively  resist rather than assent to the expected assumptions that the male  mind has implanted in us.

This is a piece of text taken from the writings of Luce Irigaray , I  found that she was expressing what I  was feeling.

I explored areas of gendered imagery , painting with equal  qualities , using the seduction of the oil paint , evoking a crossover  of expected gendered topics, for instance, the engines of American  muscle cars and flower arrangements, over layered with various  schematic diagrams.