Underlying all these paintings there is a grid, which is used as a  means of reproduction, in some paintings this has become visible. I like to think of this grid as a structure upon which language is  based, the rules which are perceived of as masculine, a grammar  without which the images would be undecipherable. the grid gives an order, it translates as male, the rational, the serious, the reflexive,  as opposed to the female, the emotional, the frivolous, the  spontaneous.

The grid and order of the painting are interrupted by a schematic  drawing which crosses through the surface of the painting.

These diagrammatical drawings have developed into the  scribble.The scribble represents a childish defacement, but also a  spontaneous action , in contradiction to the over worked nature of  the photographic image. The scribble also represents non-conformity, an iconoclastic action , it continues the dialogue with the grid and drawings of the early work.