Current/Upcoming Exhibitions


Floor 1, 6-8 Vestry St, London, N1 7RE

15 June to 20 July 2024
PV: Friday 14 June, 6-8pm

With paintings from 1991 to 2024, Scott exemplifies a dynamic evolution in her artistic practice. Through her radical use of line and colour, she disrupts traditional symbols and narratives, creating a powerful visual commentary on gender, identity, and the human experience.

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Still life paintings

Tina Balmer & Rebecca Scott

Atrium, Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa, Windermere

02 May to 31 July 2024



Cross Lane Projects, Kendal, LA9 5LB

15 May to 12 July 2024
PV: Friday 24 May, 6-8pm

A new painting exhibition by Rebecca Scott

The Raft of the Medusa (1819) by French Romantic artist Théodore Géricault famously depicts the survivors of a shipwreck, starving and adrift on a makeshift raft. Géricault astonished viewers at the time by painting, in harrowing detail, not an antique and noble subject, but instead a gruesome news event of the time.

Géricault’s radical painting, combined with online imagery of present day migration, is the inspiration for Cumbrian artist Rebecca Scott’s latest exhibition ‘Small Boats & Family Matters’ opening at Cross Lane Projects in Kendal next month.

In a group of work titled ‘Migrant Paintings’ Scott reworks images of journeys connected to immigration and displacement, overlaying them with emojis, representing a universal language of youth and freedom in modern online culture.

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