Born in 1960 in Cumbria, Rebecca Scott gained a BA in Fine Art (Painting) from Chelsea School of Art, and an MA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, London. Scott has work in private and public collections nationally and internationally, and has exhibited in London, Cumbria, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, and Norway. In 2019, she was a finalist for Cumbria Life’s Visual Artist of the Year award.

She currently lives and works between London and Cumbria, and is Co-Founder of Cross Lane Projects, an independent art space in Kendal.

“I tend to work in series, and retrospectively can see a biographical aspect to my oeuvre; the topics I chose to respond to, have often been meaningful in a personal sense, playing out in reaction to the situations I have found myself in”.

‘The language of choice is painting’. Scott uses genres of paintings as a metaphor, previously working through areas as diverse as nudes, flowers, still life, and figurative genres. Her large extensive body of works diverts into knitted works – which are an antithesis of painting and an acknowledgement of the feminist dialogue which is an important aspect to her thought process.

Working from photographs, calendars, catalogues, and magazines, Scott is drawn to aspects of private manifestations and public representations of female desire. Her work is representational and takes inspiration from Andy Warhol, Malcolm Morely, Gerhard Richter, Sigmar Polke, Winifred Nicholson, and Georgia O’Keefe.