Upcoming: Pop-Up

Friday 11 March 6-9pm & Saturday 12 March 12-5pm

Venue: Cross Lane Projects, Kendal

Immigrants and Family Portraits.

The paintings of the immigrants were inspired by the epic painting ‘The Raft of the Medusa’ by Théodore Géricault a tragic story of a shipwreck from 1818-19, which hangs in the Louvre, and recent photographs from the internet of immigrants fleeing their homes with nothing but their lives. The images have such similarities despite them being 200 years apart – it fills me with compassion and makes me wonder what lives and stories are left behind.

The juxtaposition of the Family Portraits show a dialogue between the different lives’ circumstances offer us.

Scott’s work shows a reaction, an empathic reflection of the images we see, the struggles of immigrants and people in a situation different to ours.

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